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Central De Incendios Direccionable 4007es Simplex 200 Dispos

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Panel Simplex Grinnel de Tyco Safety Products.

Viene con capacidad para 100 dispositivos, ampliable con dos loops de 75 cada uno.. llegando a la maxima capacidad de 250 dispositivos

Puede encontrar mas informacion oficial en http://www.simplexgrinnell.com/ENUS/Solutions/FireDetectionAndAlarm/Products/ControlPanels/AddressableFireAlarmPanels/Pages/4008FireAlarmControlPanel.aspx



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 Wide viewing angle 2 x 20 (40 character) alphanumeric
LCD and dedicated LEDs provide convenient panel
status information
    Operation is programmable using a multi-function
keypad and the panel LCD or via service computer (PC)
    RS-232 service port provides upload/download PC
access for panel configuration and event history logs
    Software updates are via PC download
    Convenient library of standard custom label terms
    Standard on-board DACT provides: Contact ID, 3/1, 4/2,
BFSK, and SIA formats
    WALKTEST silent or audible system test**
    Voltage and current for both the battery charger and the
battery can be displayed at the front panel LCD
Addressable Devices:
    Using IDNet communications, up to 200 addressable
TrueAlarm detection points or addressable device points
are available (see page 3 for details)**
Two Standard Notification Appliance Circuits (NACs):
    Class A or Class B outputs with solid state overcurrent
protection per NAC, each rated for 2 A
    Selectable for Simplex ®  SmartSync two-wire
horn/strobe control or synchronized strobe control**
Standard Power Supply:
    Provides 3 A maximum @ nominal 24 DC
    Automatic input power selection operates with 120 VAC
or 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
    On-board temperature compensated battery charger for
up to 12.7 Ah batteries in cabinet (UL and ULC) and up
to 25 Ah batteries in separate cabinet (UL only)
Additional standard features:
    Programmable Active Status Reminder
    Two auxiliary relays
    NACs, Relay outputs, and communications circuits
are power limited (AC input, battery circuits, and City
Circuit Module outputs are non-power limited)
    Available with red or beige cabinet
    UL listed to Standard 864
Available option modules:
    Door mounted 24 LED annunciator (standard on ULC
    3 A Expansion Power Supply with two on-board 2 A
NACs that operate the same as standard NACs
    City Interface Module and Auxiliary Relay Module
    Remote LCD and LED/Switch Annunciators

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1 Artículo

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Teléfono 011-4674-6666 / 011-4717-5111

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